MyHealth BofA App Bewertungen

Very Annoying!!!

Why do I have to answer my security questions every time I login??? So annoying!!!!

Truly horrible

I’m in my 3rd week of trying to use. App keeps forgetting denying my login. First transfer has taken over a week and still not posted. BoA HSA app not connected to our BoA banking app.

Would be great if only it worked

Can’t log in even though I can log in on the computer. Once I have it setup on my other device, it broke. Even reinstalling the app didn’t help. I expect much more from Bank of America.

Can’t sign in

When I sign in on the app, it says my username or password is incorrect. However, if I go to sign in through Chrome or IE on the computer, it works just fine. I tried resetting my password through the app but it says “unexpected error occurred.” There’s no point in the app if I can’t sign in.


This app doesn’t let me log in at all. I have to log in to my work computer.

Login doesn’t work from App

I am not able to login to account from app. It works from web page

Major step in wrong direction

App requires that you “scan product” with camera when making a simple distribution. Useless.


Update says that you can see you investments, but all I can see is the investment account value. No details they show in the app screen shots.

Half of the time does not work.

Bad design - No way to know which transactions required receipt without going into details - No way to sort - Submitting receipt does not work and keep getting errors - not clear If I can submit multiple receipts

Receipt upload is useless

Receipt upload is useless. Asking me to provide a receipt but only allowing me to take a picture of a paper receipt. Guess what: this is 2018 and we receive receipts electronically and need to upload them in form of a paper or pdf. This whole app is a useless dated joke.

App Doesn’t work

Doesn’t open

Needs receipt upload ability

Please add the ability to upload receipts. Currently, You can only take a picture of a receipt which requires printing an electronic receipt and then taking a picture of the printout (not very efficient).

Face ID?

No facial recognition update for iPhone X... other than that it’s pretty good.

Great, but...

When attaching a receipt you can only take/snap a photo vs. adding a photo from your phone’s camera roll or photo library.

File Uplod

Interface is great until you get to losing the receipt. You can’t upload a receipt, you can only take a picture of a receipt. So pointless when a lot of receipts are emailed. I’d give it zero stars if I could.


The app is not not very intuitive. Difficult to set up contributions into the plan. Transfer from my Bank of America checking account to Bank of America HSA account are held for 5 business days before being credited to my account. Can’t BofA communicate with BofA in less than 5 days?

Failure to Open

App is good when it works. Over the last few weeks the app has failed to open on multiple occasions. I called BOA for support but they only suggest to delete and reload the app, which does not work. Would be nice if someone in customer service could be somewhat versed in the operation of this app.

There’s no button to file a claim.

There’s no button to file a claim.

Great update in ages

a great update to the app so you can contribute and everything from your mobile. They still have to improve a lot and put in more features like finger print login and all.

Terrible app

Does not save any user / password details, no TouchID support, limited functionality. I would expect more from BoA

No Touch ID

The only BOA app I have without Touch ID. Even the Merrill app has it. Please fix.

Major step in the right direction

Clearly the first major app update for this product, and overall not bad. Simple, yet efficient. I like the click to call feature to go right to the automated system to speak to a rep. Claim information is posted just fine and gives the full description of the claim approved or denied. Also like the implementation of certain areas of the app taking you to the mobile version of the website. Would recommend finding a way to have the app auto-log you in to your account from the app. Not sure why people complain about the auto-lockout and having to re-enter info. Practically all major financial institutions have time limits of how long you can be on there without touching anything. Its to protect the most sensitive info you have. It's not going to burden your day reentering your info. Touch ID will eventually come to the app, but that requires funding to work with Apple. Would be a nice feature for some clients, but it's not the end all-be all for logins.


It's sad what health care costs to get this app in return. Can't save a password or use Touch ID. No scaling?

Bad login process, lacking features

As others have noted, the login process is very much lacking. Touch ID isn't available, it wipes login ID or password when I switch between this app and MiniKeePass app to copy login credential. Then within the app, there really isn't much you can do. Somewhat unrelated, but my HSA debit card doesn't support Apple Pay. Maybe it's a problem on my side (phone), although it says the bank does not support it yet for this card, and all my other cards had no trouble with Apple Pay.

Please update!

I can't even open it to log in anymore. Needs an update. Please include Touch ID for logging in.

App Needs Help

Was excited for the upgrade, but they only made things worse. This app asks for security questions every time. Not related to the app but you can't count on the system to transfer cash to the investment account.

App Needs Updates

I agree with the others here. App needs Touch ID and it is really annoying that I can't save my device so that I don't have to answer security questions.


I was looking forward to this update because the previous HSA app wasn't very user friendly. I am disappointed because this "update" actually a step backwards. As others have mentioned, you have to enter your username and password EVERY time you open the app. In addition to this, you must answer 3 security questions... EVERY time. It's hard to conceive of why anyone would want access to my HSA far more than any other account and thus why all this exceptional gatekeeping is necessary. No Touch ID. Only basic info concerning your account is available. It makes me wonder, What is the point of this app? It's more complicated and inconvenient than just logging in online. Lastly, though this has little to do with the app itself, why do other Bank of America cards work with Apple pay but the HSA cards do not? In short, I was hoping that BoA would have made the hassle of having to go through the upgrade of all their systems (bank card, website, app, new user IDs, etc) worthwhile, but while it's been very inconvenient to make the changes, they made the user experience less pleasant. Thankfully, all my bills are still being paid, but I was expecting the process to be much smoother.

Agree w/ most...login is horrible!

This does feel like a rushed app. Without even User remembrance, the process to login is excruciatingly long and unnecessary. Provide TouchID like the BOA banking app. In addition, the features provided are very limited and settings are non-existent. Again, this all feels rushed. At this point, the best advice is to use the website and place an icon for it on your iPhone's Home's much faster and robust.

0 stars

This app is worthless for the following reasons: 1) remember my user name & password or at least allow me to authenticate using Touch ID. 2) remember my device so I don't have to answer the security questions all the time. 3) make the app useful when it comes to managing the investment funds.

Doesn't save info

The app doesn't save user login info and makes you re-enter your 3 security questions every time instead of just doing them once and saving your device as trusted. Also no support for finger print authentication. You are better off logging in via chrome or safari and just having your browser save your login credentials. This app currently feels like alpha testing and doesn't seem user ready...

Really really bad

I was excited about the big update to this app, but I feel like they made it worse. To login, I have to type in my user name and password, and answer 3 security questions every time. There needs to be support for Touch ID. Everything is slow as well. It's obvious that they did not do a native app, but that everything is webviews. I assume they sacrificed usability for security, but this is 2017, Bank of America should do a better job than this. This is easily the worst/most annoying app on my phone.

Total Fail!!!!!!

Cannot get in with my password. Regardless of the changes, your password should work. This is a joke!!! As always Bank of America is notorious for poor relations.

Can't log in

Just downloaded the app and tried using the same log in credentials as I used with the old BOA health app. Can't get logged stating information isn't valid.

Works, but is very immature

I am able to login without answering security questions every time, in contrast to what others have noted. Here are the lacking features: - No Touch ID or even an option to save username. - Security question UI is clunky. Select the question, get a full-screen text box to enter your answer. (Which question am I answering?). Repeat 2 more times. - No ability to activate FSA debit card in the app. - Receipt upload uses camera only, no ability to upload an existing document. - Receipt upload only allows one photo per receipt record. 5-page paper document results in 5 separate "receipts". - Contact Us only lists phone numbers, no email/web/chat feature. I applaud the effort to deliver a minimum viable product (Yeah Lean Agile!) but this app is currently substandard. Please consider focus groups and/or widespread Beta testing with real end users. With that said, keep it up and this app COULD be a great alternative to the website!


The app doesn't feature a remember user name or Touch ID.

Very Poorly Designed

First of all you have to create a new user name and password due to the "upgrade". The login info you used last week no longer works. Then you have to create 3 security questions that seem to all require you to have siblings or children. Everything so far isn't that bad by itself but what really is poorly designed is the fact you have to enter your username, password, and ALL 3 SECURITY QUESTIONS every single time. If you even minimize the app for 2 seconds or it leaves your screen at any time it logs you out and you have to start over. There isn't even a Touch ID option. The "settings" tab will only tell you the App version and there are no options. It feels like a college student's rough draft for an App Designing class instead of something made by Bank Of America. Very disappointing so far. I hope updates are coming soon.

Seems rushed

Definitely not ready for release. Very poor execution. What a mess.

App is meh

People saying they can't sign in... if you were using the old version, you had to wait until June 26 to make an account on the new site and use the new app. Everyone else is spot on tho... the app itself is fine once you're in it. But you have to type in your 3 security answers every time you log in. No fingerprint available either. You can see basic claims info and your balance. After that, it's useless.

Can't even sign in.

Tried multiple times. Using same as online as I've been. Useless. Uninstalling until it works. Really? How about basic testing?

Never remembers you

You have to answer security questions every time you open the app. The interface is really clunky

Lacking any investments info.

My hope was that I could get information about my investments. No joy. Cant get this info from iPhone site either. Not very useful app.

Ok to me

Works ok -so far.

Username and password keeps erasing when out of focus

I use a password manager and I cannot paste my username and password into the app without it erasing when the app is out of focus. Please fix this.

Have to answer 3 ASQs each time?

Why do I have to answer my Account Security Questions each time I open the app? My username and password should be enough. Why not enable touch ID like every other modern app?

Zero stars

Awful first attempt

Very difficult to use and no touch id

Every time I login, I have to answer my three security questions. And the interface is like a retro 90s website. Very unprofessional and difficult to use.

Worse than old app

The health app was starting to show its age and somehow this is worse. It looks like a demo app for an android phone. Almost useless. Surprised it passed Apple's app review.


What a complete waste of time. Horrible interface. Dont even bother wasting your time downloading this "New and Improved" app

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